How We Make High Quality Flooring Affordable!

We’re On A Mission To Make High Quality Flooring Cheaper. Here’s How We Do It:

It all starts with a home visit. To get booked in for yours please fill out the form below! 

During the home visit, a member of our team will conveniently pop out to you at a time that you’re available and they’ll bring you our wide range of samples! You can then use these samples to match up your new flooring with your existing décor and furniture.

We think it’s better to pick out samples at home rather than a showroom, because flooring can look surprisingly different once you get it home and see it against your walls and in the room’s natural lighting levels. 

At the home visit we’ll also measure up for you while you browse the flooring and we then use these measurements and the cost for the specific flooring you pick out to create an overall cost for the flooring. 

This overall cost is then broken down into smaller payments. You can choose to pay weekly, fortnightly, 4 weekly or monthly. Most customers go with the schedule that they get paid. 

They can then let you know what the regular payment amount will be for the flooring you want. By default we’ll try to give you the lowest price, by breaking down the costs over a 6 month period. 

Most customers find 2-3 rooms at a time manageable depending on which flooring they choose, so if you want the whole house doing we’d usually recommend you do this in stages instead. 

Your home visit and quote are free, but if you want to go ahead on the day we require a small deposit – this allows us to place the order for your flooring and get it cut to size, ready to install. 

While that’s happening, we get the payment plan set up. Once we have the first payment from your plan to see that it’s all set up correctly, we’ll then get you booked in for your fitting day! 

Typically, we install flooring within 10-14 days after the home visit on average, though it depends how busy this particular period is. 

After fitting, all that’s left is to enjoy your new flooring and keep up to date with your plan. If we did well, we’d also love an online review if you’ve got time! 

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