Interest Free Credit – How Our Pay Weekly Carpet Plans Work

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There’s 0% Interest On All Of Our Payment Plans – Here’s What That Means.

Discover a hassle-free way to transform your home with beautiful new flooring. At Weekly Carpets, we understand that investing in new flooring can be a significant decision. That’s why we’re dedicated to ensuring a seamless experience for you. Don’t wait until you’ve saved up enough money – you can have the floor of your dreams today with our interest-free credit option, featuring 0% APR!

We’re thrilled to offer a variety of interest-free payment plans on all our flooring options. Say goodbye to financial worries as we simplify the process for you. Every payment you make towards your plan directly reduces the overall cost of the flooring itself. With us, you can enjoy the flooring you love while staying within your budget.

The Payment Plan Breakdown – A Simplified Approach To Credit Options

Our plans are simple – the full cost of your flooring, which is what you’d typically pay outright, is broken down into smaller payments. The amount of payments depends on how often you pay – you can make small weekly payments, or you can opt for monthly payments, which will be higher but there’ll be less of them.

Overall, all of our customers no matter how or when they pay, are only paying off the cost of their flooring.

For example, here’s 3 scenarios to help explain:

  • Rachel has had a Christmas bonus from work and wants to replace her living room carpet. The total cost of the carpet is £120. She wants to pay this off in one go – so her total cost for the flooring is £120.
  • Mark has just moved house and as well as buying new appliances and furniture, wants to replace the carpet in a bedroom which has a total price of £120. He wants to pay this weekly, as he gets paid weekly from his job. He’s choosing to split the cost over 10 weeks, so he pays £12 per week. The total is still just £120.
  • Amy also wants a new carpet, again let’s say it’s £120. She gets paid monthly, so she wants to pay for the plan monthly. She wants to pay it off over 3 months, so she’ll pay £40 per month. The total again, is just £120.

In a nutshell, we don’t mind how you pay. We can drive down our prices by not having huge showrooms and having excellent working relationships with our suppliers, so we give every single customer our best price (often beating highstreet companies by a fair amount!) and so it’s no cheaper to pay it off in full than it is to pay off over 4-6 months. Everyone is equal, and we all just pay the actual price of the flooring itself.

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